Favorite Stories from the 2015 Season

December 4, 2015
Our first season has come to an end and wow, we heard some amazing stories. On today’s podcast, we’re revisiting three of our favorite stories from the season. These stories didn’t win the monthly story slam but each was powerful in its own way. 

Each of these three storytellers shared something deeply personal about themselves, and in doing so, helped us see the world in a new light. These are stories that made us hold our breath, made us laugh, and made us tear up just a bit. 

First up, Jamie Beth tells about learning an important life lesson while working in a record store as a teenager. Jamie told this story in June. Our theme was “Its My Job.” Our second story is from Hudson. We love how this is such a simple yet insightful story. Hudson told this story at our Guilty Pleasures Story Slam in February 2015.Our final story was told at our Love Hurts Story Slam in April, 2015. Before taking the stage to tell her story, Allison mentioned her son was supposed to be coming to the story slam but had not yet arrived. She kept looking at the door hoping he would make it in time to tell this story. 

Thanks to Allison, Hudson, and Jamie Beth for sharing their stories this season. Thanks to everyone who came out to tell a story, and those who came out to cheer the storytellers on. We have posted our 2016 season - complete with dates and themes - on our website, so please mark your calendar and start planning your story. 
Thanks so much for an amazing first season. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in January! 

Frank Melvin - Friday Live Lancaster

November 21, 2015
Hi I’m Carla Wilson and you’re listening to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. I’m so happy to bring you this bonus episode. 

Friday, November 20th, marked the Extraordinary Give event in downtown Lancaster. Friday Live Lancaster, the live-streaming radio show hosted by Joe DeVoy owner at Tellus360 and Laura Kendall of the Ware Center, hosted their broadcast at Tellus360 that day. They asked if one of our storytellers could open the show with a story and Frank Melvin told his “Embarrassing Moments” story from the January 2015 event. 

Don’t forget that our Grand Slam is approaching! Our 10 winners from January through October will return to the stage at Tellus360 on Tuesday, November 24th to tell stories on the theme “Heroes!”
We expect the Grand Slam event to sell out. We highly suggest that you buy tickets in advance. $8 online and $10 at the door (if seats are still available). You can order tickets at LancasterStorySlam.com

Scared to Death

November 12, 2015
Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. I’m Carla Wilson event producer. On October 27, 2015 we held our last show of the regular season themed “Scared to Death” and we’ll hear stories from that night in a moment. I want to remind you that we will crown the “2015 Best Storyteller in Lancaster” at our Grand Slam on Tuesday, November 24th at 8pm. We expect that our venue Tellus360 will be packed that night so we recommend that you buy tickets in advance for the show. Visit LancasterStorySlam.com to order your tickets now. I am so proud that we’ve had such a successful first season in Lancaster.
As I mentioned earlier our theme for October was Scared to Death. Steve Clark won the night with his scary tale of an awkward first date. Next up is mom and english teacher Allison Read who told us about a time that she had to take her son to hospital. It was a very scary time for her. Our final story on the podcast features former volunteer fireman Patrick Mendoza. 

Jamie Beth - Coincidences From the Great Beyond

November 8, 2015
You’re listening to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. I’m so happy to bring you this bonus episode. 
Thursday, November 5th, marked the 5th Anniversary of our venue Tellus360. Congratulations to owner Joe DeVoy on this milestone. To celebrate, Laura Kendall and Joe hosted a special broadcast of the Friday Live Lancaster show to highlight some of the musicians and artists that perform on stage at Tellus - including one of our storytellers, Jamie Beth, who has told stories on stage several times this season. 
For the event, Jamie Beth created her own theme titled “Extreme Coincidences from the Great Beyond.”

Matthew Kabik on Friday Live Lancaster

October 23, 2015

Each Friday at The Rabbit & The Dragonfly, Friday Live Lancaster hosts a live-streaming radio show about the arts and humanities in the city of Lancaster, PA, hosted by Laura Kendall of The Ware Center and Joe Devoy of Tellus360. Recently we were invited to Friday Live Lancaster to talk about our upcoming Grand Slam happening in November.  The producers also asked me to bring along one of our storytellers, so of course, I brought our very first Lancaster Story Slam winner, Matthew Kabik.

You heard it here first: We expect the November 24th Grand Slam event to sell out. We highly suggest that you buy tickets in advance. $8 online and $10 at the door (if seats are still available). Ticket sales will start on Wednesday October 28. You can order tickets at LancasterStorySlam.com


October 9, 2015

Here's three stories from our monthly live Lancaster Story Slam event held at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA. Our theme for September was "Schooled."

First up is a story from former German teacher, Bruce Sperber, who told us the winning story of the night. You'll then hear from Carter Grimm who told us about a high school friend. Joe Fleishmann questions the phrase "the customer is always right" in his story.

Family Feud

September 10, 2015

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family. Here's a few stories from our "Family Feud" Lancaster Story Slam which was held August 25, 2015 at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA. 

Chris McDougall won our story slam with this story of learning about a longstanding feud amongst his extended family - a family which happens to own two of South Philadelphia’s most renowned bakeries. 
We had a meta moment at Lancaster Story Slam that we wanted to share. In May, Carolyn McKalips told a story about traveling the southwest with her father when she was nine years old. After her father watched the story on YouTube, he texted Carolyn to set the record straight. Here’s how Carolyn described his reaction during our family feud slam. 
Our next story is from a first timer. Gerri Baker appeared nervous before taking the stage, but once she stepped to the mic, she showed she was a natural. 
Our final story is from Ken Mueller. Ken tells us about how he often ended up getting the brunt of his brother’s teasing.

Our Interview on Friday Live Lancaster!

August 23, 2015

Lancaster Story Slam co-founder Carla Wilson recently appeared on Friday Live Lancaster to talk about Lancaster Story Slam and our upcoming "Family Feud" Story Slam, which is Tuesday, August 25 at Tellus360.

Friday Live Lancaster is Lancaster, PA's live, online radio show about the City of Lancaster, its art, culture, people, and events. The hosts of the show are Laura Kendall, Director of the Ware Center at Millersville University, and Joe Devoy, the owner of Tellus360The show takes place at The Rabbit & The Dragonfly (51 N. Market Street in Place Marie), Fridays at 11 am.

So why was I invited as a guest on the show? To talk about Lancaster Story Slam, of course!


Boiling Point

August 13, 2015
Here's three stories from our July Story Slam themed “Boiling Point!” We heard stories about people reaching their emotional boiling point, as well as stories about making others reaching their boiling point, and we also heard about sweltering in temperatures which reach the boiling point! 
Samantha Bare won the story slam with her recollection of living at college, and how a simmering relationship with her roommates came to a full boil one night. Nick Peterson is our next storyteller. Nick signed up at the last minute to tell his story about an aggravating travel day that made him hot under the collar. Our final story is from Adam Chamberland. Adam tells about the Costco experience and how he bit his lip in repeated circumstances. 
A warning that there is some foul language used in these stories - as expected when the theme is Boiling Point. 

It’s My Job

July 9, 2015

Here's three stories from our Lancaster Story Slam event themed "It's My Job" that was held on June 23, 2015 at Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA. Liz Yocom won our Story Slam with her explanation of how her job differs from her passion. We often take our first job as a teenager, when we’re still trying to discover both the world and ourselves. Jamie Beth told a powerful story of what she learned from a very awkward experience at the record store in which she worked. We might think working as a lifeguard would be a dream come true. Jason Griffith gave us an inside look at the rather gross responsibilities of being a lifeguard manager.