May 12, 2017

The theme for our April Story Slam was Money! We had a fun night, hearing from several first time storytellers and a few seasoned performers also.

David Smith won our Money story Slam with his tale of a moment when his understanding of money changed. 

We’ve all tried to save money in ways which we later regret. Melissa Snavely tells her story of trying to get something for free. Was it worth it? We’ll let you decide.

Our final storyteller is Chris McDougall. In his early days, Chris was a foreign reporter for AP. At our “Money’ Story Slam, he told us about one of his dangerous “other duties” during this time.

Our next Story Slam is themed “Don’t Tell Mom,” and will be held on Tuesday May 23rd at Tellus360 in downtown Lancaster, PA. You can order your tickets and watch videos of stories at

Well, that’s our podcast for this month! If you are a fan of the West Chester Story Slam podcast - please let your friends know, or write a review on iTunes.


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