Brush With Fame

May 31, 2016
Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast, sponsored by Levante Brewing Company! Elevate your craft with a pint from Levante! 

Our theme for the May Story Slam was “Brush with Fame,” and people showed up with some amazing stories. We had fourteen people put their name in the cup! 

While many of the stories were about awkward celebrity meetings, the winning story was quite different. Tony Crocamo won the prized pint glass - and earned a spot in our November Grand Slam - with this beautifully crafted tale. 
The next three stories are all about awkward celebrity encounters. We loved them all so we’re including all three. 

First up - writer Chris McDougall talks about spending some quality time with one of Hollywood’s biggest names. 
Next up is David Smith. David has recently caught the story slam bug. He has been spotted telling stories in West Chester, the Lehigh Valley, and now in Lancaster. This is one spectacular story.

Our final story is from Jes Plain. This is just one of those funny awkward moments that occasionally happens to the best of us. We’re glad Jess shared this story with us.

Thanks for listening!

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