2015 Grand Slam - Heroes!

January 3, 2016

Today we have three stories from our 2015 Lancaster Story Slam Grand Slam, which was held in the end of November at Tellus360. At the Grand Slam, the winning storytellers from the season competed for the title of Best Storyteller in Lancaster. It was a blast, and when the dust settled, Cliff Lewis emerged as the Champion. 

Cliff told a story about how he ended up in a schoolyard feud in high school. The theme of the night was Heroes! 

Our next story from the Grand Slam is from Matt Kabik, and we love this story because - at some point in our life - we’ve all asked the question - why are we friends with that person? Here’s Matt’s story. 

Our final story is from Steve Clark. Steve was still recovering from his first ever marathon when he stepped up to the mic. Here is Steve. 
Our first Lancaster Story Slam of 2016 is taking place at Tellus360 on January 26th. Anyone who wants to tell a story can sign up upon arrival. We ask you to sign a release so we can put your story on Youtube and possibly feature your story in our podcast. Oh, the theme for our January Story Slam is Resolutions! We hope to see you there! 
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Nothing pairs with good storytelling like great beer, so a big thanks to Levante Brewing Company for their sponsorship of the podcast! 

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