Lancaster Story Slam podcast


November 3, 2019

Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast!

Our Lancaster Story Slam theme for October was ScarsThe stories were a mix of good laughs and vulnerable moments. We heard stories about both physical and emotional childhood traumas and stories of bizarre and sometimes comical injuries.

Our winner this month was Jeff Howe who shared a story of his childhood friend nicknamed “Fat Frankie” and how some scars have the possibility of being healed.

Congratulations Jeff!  Jeff won our prized pint glass and a spot in our Grand Slam.  We’ll have more details about Grand Slam later in the podcast.

Next up is Randy Bucksner who told us a story about shares about the scars having  an abusive alcoholic father can leave.

Now a word from LancLiving Realty, our 2019 sponsor. LancLiving Realty is a local real estate and property management firm based in downtown Lancaster, serving communities throughout Lancaster County, and focused on providing clients with ethical and knowledgeable service. Whether you are buying or selling, LancLiving agents focus on getting the best deal for you, the client. LancLiving is proud to support great story telling through the Lancaster Story Slam.  LancLiving ... It's where you belong.

Our final story for this month’s podcast is from David Smith. David shares the story of how his love of pretzels earned him a five inch scar on his right foot. 

David Smith will be emcee for our Grand Slam, which will be held on Tuesday, November 26th at 7pm at The Ware Center.  The theme for our Grand Slam will be Changes and our monthly winners from January through October will return to compete for the title of ‘Best Storyteller in Lancaster 2019.’ Tickets are on sale now but are going fast.  Check out the Lancaster Story Slam website and click on Tickets for more details. 

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Thanks for listening!