Trick or Treat

November 7, 2016

The Lancaster Story Slam podcast is sponsored by Levante Brewing Company! Elevate your craft with a pint from Levante!

You’re listening to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. In October, our theme was Trick or Treat! We heard stories about tricks played and treats earned. It was a fun night that ended our second regular season of storytelling. 

Aaron Lewis won the trick or treat slam! He told us this tale of how he discovered his political leanings one Halloween night.

Our second story comes from first-time storyteller Sam Sweigart. We love first time storytellers and were thrilled to see Sam take the microphone with this touching story.

Our final story is from Tony Crocamo. Tony has made his mark this season with his tales of growing up and this was one of his best stories.

Tickets for the Lancaster Story Slam GRAND SLAM are now on sale! The date for the Grand Slam is Tuesday, November 22nd and the theme is Rise Above! Last year’s Grand Slam sold out so please don’t wait to pay at the door. We want you to have a seat! You can order your tickets from


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