Storytelling with Al Monelli - Bonus Episode

December 17, 2015

We're so happy to bring you this bonus podcast episode! I sat down with local filmmaker, Al Monelli, of Monelli Films and we talked about how he tells stories with his films and documentaries. 

Al recently completed production on One Hoops - the 3rd in his Lancaster Trilogy - a project he started in 2014.

One Hoops stars Jenny Hill who "unleashes her imagination on Lancaster with some hula hoops and a little creativity."
I met Jenny Hill this summer at a writing workshop that my co-producer, Jim Breslin, hosted. I connected with Jenny and started following her on social media. She often posts videos of her hooping practice that are just mesmerizing. 
When Al reached out to me to see if I'd be interesting in chatting on the podcast about storytelling, I was sold immediately. Please listen in and enjoy as I learn about Al, his background, and his storytelling. (And Al turns the table and starts asking me questions near the end of the conversation!)

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