Social Media

February 28, 2016
Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast, sponsored by Levante Brewing Company! Elevate your craft with a pint from Levante! 

Hi I’m Carla Wilson and you’re listening to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. Our theme for the February Story Slam was “Social Media!” We love using Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and family, but sometimes these apps lead to some very awkward moments. 

Liz Yocom won our Story Slam with this one such awkward, but very funny story.  

Our second story from the Social Media Story Slam is from Caitlin Downs. Caitlin explains the incident that led her to get off of Facebook for good. 

Our final story if from Nick Mancini. Nick told his first story in January, and we knew he had a great sense of humor when he described himself as an Italian redneck. Here Nick talks about growing up with social media and how he obtained a very unusual Twitter handle.

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