February 2, 2016
Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast! Our theme for the first Story Slam of 2016 was “Resolutions!” We were thrilled that Lancaster friends took the time to dig out from the snowstorm and make their way to Tellus360 for a great night of stories! 

Matthew Kabik won the night, becoming the first person to win Lancaster Story Slam in two consecutive seasons. He had previously won in January 2015! 

We love when people share personal stories with the audience. These moments can really be insightful and touching. Aaron Lewis shared his resolutions story.

Beth Horenkamp is a first time storyteller. We were thrilled that she shared her story of how meeting one man changed her career path, and led to her important work. 

We have one bonus story in today’s podcast. Amber Strazzo took the mic and told her story about moving out of her parent’s house.

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