Man vs. Beast

April 7, 2017

Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast! 

Our March Story Slam was themed “Man Vs. Beast” and it felt like everyone had a story! We heard tales about wild animals and challenging pets - and when it was over, Matt McDunnell won the night with his squirrelly tale. Matt took the prized pint glass and earned a spot in our November Grand Slam.



Our next Storyteller is Samantha Bare. Sam had won a story slam last season, and returned with her sad tale about her beloved hamster.

Next up is first-time storyteller Adam Shapiro


Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, April 25th and the theme is Money! Tell us a story about how money - or lack of it - has shaped your life. Our events are held at Tellus360 and we start telling stories at 8pm. You can pick up your tickets at and if you want to tell a story, simply sign up when you arrive.

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