Favorite Stories from the 2015 Season

December 4, 2015
Our first season has come to an end and wow, we heard some amazing stories. On today’s podcast, we’re revisiting three of our favorite stories from the season. These stories didn’t win the monthly story slam but each was powerful in its own way. 

Each of these three storytellers shared something deeply personal about themselves, and in doing so, helped us see the world in a new light. These are stories that made us hold our breath, made us laugh, and made us tear up just a bit. 

First up, Jamie Beth tells about learning an important life lesson while working in a record store as a teenager. Jamie told this story in June. Our theme was “Its My Job.” Our second story is from Hudson. We love how this is such a simple yet insightful story. Hudson told this story at our Guilty Pleasures Story Slam in February 2015.Our final story was told at our Love Hurts Story Slam in April, 2015. Before taking the stage to tell her story, Allison mentioned her son was supposed to be coming to the story slam but had not yet arrived. She kept looking at the door hoping he would make it in time to tell this story. 

Thanks to Allison, Hudson, and Jamie Beth for sharing their stories this season. Thanks to everyone who came out to tell a story, and those who came out to cheer the storytellers on. We have posted our 2016 season - complete with dates and themes - on our website, so please mark your calendar and start planning your story. 
Thanks so much for an amazing first season. Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you in January! 

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