Don’t Tell Mom

June 11, 2017

Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast! Our May Story Slam was themed Don’t Tell Mom!

Our winner on the night was first-time storyteller Brian Layng, who shared his story about how much his mother worries about him.

Our next storyteller was also a first-timer - Jim Pollak! Jim explained how his relationship with his mother has changed over the years.

Our final storyteller has told several stories about her relationship with her mother, so we were excited to hear what story she would tell us on this night! Here's Linda Silberman.

Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, June 27th and the theme is ... Awkward Pause! We want to hear stories about those embarrassing moments where the room fell quiet, or where you expressed some other type of extreme awkwardness. You can read more about the theme at Our events are held at Tellus360 and we start telling stories at 8pm.

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