October 5, 2016

The Lancaster Story Slam podcast is sponsored by Levante Brewing Company! Elevate your craft with a pint from Levante!

Thank you for listening to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast. In September, our themes was Chaos!

Our winner was David Smith. David has told stories at our slams before, and he is always hilarious with his vivid descriptions. David won a prized pint glass and will be returning for our Grand Slam in November.

Our second Chaos story comes from Michael Sirianni.

Our third story is from Jim Breslin, who told about a recent road trip with his college buddies.

Well….. It’s hard to believe our final regular season story slam is coming soon. Join us on Tuesday, October 25th for our “Trick or Treat” Story Slam! We want to hear stories about tricks you have played, or tricks that have been played on you, or tell us your story about treats you’ve enjoyed. We hope to see you on Tuesday, October 25th!

Also - remember, tickets for the Lancaster Story Slam GRAND SLAM will go on Sale on Wednesday, October 26th. Last year’s GRAND SLAM did sell out, and we expect a packed house this November also.

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Thanks again to our podcast sponsor - Levante Brewing Company!


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