Awkward Pause

July 9, 2017

Welcome to the Lancaster Story Slam podcast! Our June Story Slam was themed “Awkward Pause!” We had so much fun listening to stories about those awkward moments in people’s lives. It was fascinating to hear people’s takes on this theme and we’ve chosen three of our favorite stories from the night.

First up, Tony Crocamo won the Story Slam with his awkward love story.

If you love storytelling because you are a writer, check out HippoCamp 2017! HippoCamp is a three day conference for creative non-fiction writers, and this year features keynote speakers Tobias Wolff and Dinty W. Moore. The conference includes special breakout sessions on writing, publishing and even storytelling. It’s all happening right in downtown Lancaster this September eighth through tenth. 

Our next story is from first-time storyteller Marc Anthony. Marc cracked us up by telling this story of how his celebrity crush led to some very awkward moments.

Sometimes awkward moments can bubble up into rage. That’s what happened to Meg Martin in this Awkward Moments story. A word of warning - Meg’s story contains foul language so turn the dial down if kids are listening.  Meg’s story was a crowd favorite and her mannerisms on stage made the story even better. You can watch Meg’s story and all our stories on the Lancaster Story Slam YouTube page.

Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, July 25th and the theme is “That One Time!” This is really an open theme - tell us that epic story you always share with family and friends! Our events are held at Tellus360 and we start telling stories at 8pm.

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